As much as Kristen loves taking photos, I have always enjoyed putting together little movies. Here are some of my movies. 

Below are random videos... if you just want to see how super awesome our boys are or our little princess click below!

Every year our community (YWAM Orlando) is treated to a mandatory vacation... its rough... I know. 

Yep, I wore my GoPro while I officiated a wedding! It was so much fun! (keep scrolling down, and you can watch him purpose!)

Not sure if you all have heard of the Water challenge... but my Dad was called out. So, we made this and decided to one up everyone. 

This was a time lapse of a storm I shot from our back yard. 

YWAM function in three different legs: Evangelism, Training & Mercy Ministries. This video shows how we surprised our DTS students with some 3rd world living exposure. 

Each year we (YWAM Orlando) host a golf event, I was invited this past year play and help inform people regarding YWAM Orlando's ministries. You better believe I brought my camera!

With each DTS we run, we always like to treat the students to a fun day. This school, we took them to a place called "Blue Springs", which is a natural spring north of Orlando. 

I got wind that one of my friends was about to purpose... so I hide my camera and captured it!

One of my good friends asked me to come out and shoot a tiny documentary on his love for Motocross. I made two videos from this trip. This one, and the one below. 

Once I opened my new GoPro... it was love at first sight! I mounted it to my car and drove to our YWAM Campus!